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Mortgage Fraud Attorney in Kansas City

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Kansas City

Are you or a family member being investigated for participating in a mortgage fraud scheme? This is a serious criminal investigation that most likely has you feeling quite overwhelmed. As skilled Kansas City criminal defense attorneys, we can bring a sense of order to the matter before you.

We work aggressively toward the best possible outcome, all while walking you through the confusing criminal justice system. Call SRC Law Group, LLC today at 913.583.0465.

We have over 25 years of combined experience protecting the rights of individuals charged with, arrested for or under investigation for mortgage fraud, real estate fraud, and other white collar crimes in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.

Vigorously Protecting Your Rights

As with other types of white collar crimes, mortgage fraud can result in jail time and a criminal record. Additionally, your career may suffer along with your personal relationships. I take these potential penalties very seriously and devote my time and resources to building a strong defense on your behalf.

If you believe you are under investigation or are about to be investigated, do not hesitate to turn to SRC Law Group, LLC for assistance. If you have already been contacted by investigators, remember that it is important not to try to talk your way out of charges. The less you talk, the better.

As a skilled criminal defense attorney, we represent:

  • Business professionals
  • Appraisers
  • Realtors
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Others who are facing potential mortgage fraud charges

Our Kansas City criminal defense lawyers understand the ways these charges can arise, such as banks encouraging people to take out more of a loan than they qualify for, sloppy lending, house flipping, banks not monitoring lines of credit, and other scenarios. We know that oftentimes good people can just get tied up with an unethical mortgage company.

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Whatever scenario has resulted in you being investigated for mortgage fraud, SRC Law Group, LLC can thoroughly evaluate the evidence and build a strong defense on your behalf. Our attorneys are devoted to protecting your rights, freedom, and future.

Do not hesitate to call us to arrange your free initial consultation. We can be reached online.

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