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Law enforcement agencies across the country engage in online chats pretending to be underage girls or boys. Cops set up meetings for sex and make the arrest when the unsuspecting individual arrives for the meeting.

If you have been arrested for enticement of a child or online sexual solicitation of a minor, you are facing a very serious charge with serious penalties. You need to hire an experienced, credible trial attorney to analyze the prosecutor's case.

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Important Considerations for Your Cases

All of the following must be taken into consideration when assessing the facts of an Internet solicitation of a minor case:

  • Did the law enforcement officer purposely pick an age that would enhance the penalty for the charge?
  • Did the cop commit entrapment?
  • What was going on in the defendant's life at the time the alleged offense was charged?

Under Kansas Sentencing Guidelines, the penalties vary depending upon the age of the person solicited, even if the person turns out to be a law enforcement officer.

This includes:

  • If convicted of soliciting a minor 14 years of age or younger (a severity level 1 person felony in Kansas) you face a prison sentence of 147-653 months (12 - 54 years) in prison, depending upon your prior criminal history.
  • If convicted of soliciting a minor 16 years of age or younger (a severity level 3 person felony in Kansas) you face a prison sentence of 55-247 months (4 - 20 years) in prison, depending upon your prior criminal history.

Providing Strong Defense for Online Solicitation of a Minor

The crime of online sexual solicitation is a serious felony offense. Anyone accused of or charged with this crime should seek legal representation. Our Kansas City criminal defense attorneys have over 25 years of experience, a solid record of success, and a strong dedication to investigating all the facts.

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